The Yvette Pons’ institute was founded in 1995 to help people to feel good about themselves, to improve their self-love and to teach them to recognize, value and enhance their innate beauty. The institute is considered one of the ten most fashionable and with the best installations in Catalonia or even Spain by professionals in the sector.

Our institute is accredited as a sanitary center for aesthetic medicine services.


Yvette Pons is an institute totally focused on treating any aesthetic alteration, both facial and body. We select the best national and international techniques and therapies created by the best therapists and medical teams of the world.

Each of our treatments is totally personalized. We adapt it, when we perform the treatment, combining in synergy the different techniques and products that the client needs to find the balance of his problem internally and externally, to achieve a solution.


Our work philosophy is based on the improvement and, in many cases, on the solution of any aesthetic issue, both facial and body, through a correct diagnosis to know exactly the internal causes that are provoking it. This way, we are able to personalize an individual treatment and achieve the expected results.


The institute Yvette Pons has created author techniques registered by intellectual property to offer a better treatment to their clients. The Sulyfth therapy, available for professional formations, has been awarded at 2019 and 2022 as the best cabin aesthetic treatment.


We love acting as little “alchemists” and being able to create our mix or personalize all the cosmetics in function of the needs of each person, as much in cabin treatments as the domiciliary ones. We work exclusively with Biologique Recherche, Sublime Oils and the brand of Yvette Pons, the line YP. We exclusive work with Biologique Recherche, Sublime Oils and the YP Line (our brand).


The institute Yvette Pons has collaborated with the SUBLIME OILS cosmetic laboratory, creating the protocols and the techniques of the facial massage of her treatment for the therapists.


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C/ Sant Martí de Tous, 37
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Aesthetic institute accredited as a sanitary center for aesthetic medicine services.