Yvette Pons has an aesthetical department in which a doctor specialized in all aesthetical medicine advances advises on the best treatment for varicose veins, stains, mesotherapy, hands rejuvenation, implants, restylane, botox, etc.

This department is totally consistent with Yvette Pons’ philosophy, where we look for the treatment more adequate in each case to enhance the results, avoiding any invasive technique.

Our institute is accredited as a sanitary center for aesthetic medicine services.


One of the greatest exponents in our country of the so-called “new aesthetic surgery”.

Dr. Oriol Vernetta

Doctor in surgery and aesthetic medicine and specialist in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery. He has developed his activity in some of the most prestigious centers at a national level, such as Vall d’Hebron Hospital, Teknon Medical Center or Diagonal Clinic in Barcelona.

We realize the visits in our institute and the surgical interventions at Diagonal Clinic in Barcelona.

Collegiate Number: 40995


The removal of fat and excess skin from the abdomen and the reconstruction of the muscle.


Breast reduction.


Tightening of the skin in this area.


Tightening of the skin in this area by reducing the skin and recovering flaccidity.


Breast reconstruction using prostheses or fat from the patient herself. Very indicated after suffering breast cancer.


Breast augmentation with a prosthesis or with the fat from the patient herself. Previously, we carry out a study of its morphology.


Fat removal from any part of the body.


Reduction of the length of the upper lip.


The removal of excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids and fat pockets. This is one of the most grateful surgeries.


We correct any post-surgical scar or scar derived from an accident.


Facial rejuvenation by removing excess skin from the entire face with Dr. Vernetta’s technique from “The new cosmetic surgery”.


Nasal malformation repair to achieve a better aesthetic appearance.


Increase or decrease of the chin to harmonize the structure of the face. This is one of the most grateful surgeries.


Reconstruction of the earlobes.



Soft, safe and simple. Radiesse is an injectable implant that is soft and immediately effective. The Radiesse’s texture is like a creme, remains soft, natural to the touch, and lasts for many months or years. We can treat nose or chin imperfections, and recover the jaw’s line.


Facial rejuvenation technique to define, sculpt, enhance the lips and remove wrinkles and expression lines. It also revitalizes the skin. It is secure, natural and gratifying. The results are instantaneous. It is recommended a session per year.

Tensioning threads

It consists of applying absorbable threads that tighten and model the facial oval, creating a vectorial a network that acts as a support for the tissues in the area where it is applied to regain lost firmness.

The tensor threads accelerate microcirculation in the treated area, causing cell regeneration and an increase in collagen synthesis for a long time.

The eight points lifting

Innovative technique with excellent results to achieve a lifting effect without going through the operating room with a natural result. It consists of infiltrating a type of product in the strategic points to tighten and give volume to the facial zones that, over time, have lost turgor and firmness, preserving the unique expressions of each patient.


It is a purified protein that is injected in tiny amounts into the facial muscles that are overactive, to relax and prevent the appearance of dynamic wrinkles or to smooth the existing ones. We recommend its application on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. It is recommended every six months.


Correction of the nasal septum through the infiltration of hyaluronic acid.



Instant firming product that returns the tissue to is natural elasticity, remodeling sagging. It is applied with cannula to avoid bruising and discomfort. The effects last up to six months.


Treatment of luminosity and hydration of the skin. It is applied with mesotherapy technique. It is recommended four sessions every fifteen days and a maintenance of one session every three or four months.

Neck and neckline anti-aging mesotherapy

It is a synergy of injectable products composed of hyaluronic acid more than 54 ingredients nutritive that permit the integral rejuvenation and the profound hydration of the skin without luminosity, tonicity, elasticity or firmness. Fantastic for the neck and neckline.

Ellance (lifting effect)

Composed of hyaluronic acid, for subdermal application, combined with cannula and mesotherapy that active the stimulation of the fibroblasts increasing the collagen and elastin production. The results are visible after four weeks and last for one year.


Lips hydration treatment. Remove dryness and gives them the appearance of plump lips, completely natural and without giving more volume or changing the shape of the lip. Especially suitable for summer.


Product to give your skin sweetness and activate the collagen production.

Hyaluronic acid

To treat expression lines, rictus, lip fillers, barcodes, etc.


Dr. Hernando Baquero

Collegiate number: 0841479

Doctor and surgeon, specialist in medicine and aesthetic surgery, in anti-aging medicine and vascular medicine.


Peeling TCA with chemicals acids.

This is a ½ deep peeling (papillary dermis to upper reticular dermis). It works at a concentration between 35% and 50%, although it can also be used at 15% for a more superficial peeling. It is chosen for its effectiveness and its excellent tolerance.

It is recommended between two and five peelings distributed in a peeling every one or two weeks. It does not require any social withdrawal and the person can continue with their daily activities.

Topical depigmenting formula

Formula based on depigmenting active ingredients in high concentrations. For daily and topical home use with excellent results.


Vascular sclerosis

Elimination of spider veins, capillaries and varicose veins by sclerosis (infiltration technique). The number of sessions depends on the number of accumulated varicose veins. One session per week is recommended. The treatment allows a normal life.


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Institute of aesthetics accredited as a health center for aesthetic medicine services.