Yvette Pons is an institute totally focused on treating any aesthetic alteration, both facial and body. We select the best national and international techniques and therapies created by the best therapists and medical teams of the world.


Each of our treatments is totally personalized. We adapt it, when we perform the treatment, combining in synergy the different techniques and products that the client needs to find the balance of his problem internally and externally, to achieve a solution.


We differentiate the treatments for aesthetic alterations that can appear in the human body and when treating each one of them we do it with the combination of different possibilities and methods that exist, improving and solving in one session the imbalance of the different existing functional causes to achieve the success in the final result.


Fast, effective and economic! Treatments of 30 minutes just for 38€.

At Yvette Pons we have a department where every week we offer an express treatment at a special price, maintaining the quality that characterize us for those who have few time and at a very affordable price.

We offer you a different service that will vary weekly. Each express treatment can only be enjoyed during the same week as advertised

It will not be possible to book it or enjoy it after that period of time. If you want to know what treatment we offer each week, you can discover it through our Facebook or Instagram, or simply by calling the Institute, on the phone 93 804 62 02.


Giving Yvette Pons is giving luxury and quality. The Institute has a spa space where we realize relaxing treatments, both facial and body, with all the exquisiteness that characterize us, to give away at any time of the year.

Our rituals are exclusive and make a difference.

You will find rituals of different prices, but we always adapt them to your budget, customizing a circuit especially for your needs.

We have different circuits in which we combine oils, smells, massages, vapors, waters, wrappers, flowers, candles, precious stones, fragrances, textures, music, etc. inspired in the most exotic countries in the world.

We present it to you with a beautiful gift wrapping.


Tel. 93 804 62 02

C/ Sant Martí de Tous, 37
08700 Igualada, Barcelona

Aesthetics institute accredited as a health center for aesthetic medicine services.

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