The Yvette Pons’ institute was founded in 1995 to help people to feel good about themselves, to improve their self-love and to teach them to recognize, value and enhance their innate beauty.


Our work philosophy is based on the improvement and, in many cases, on the solution of any aesthetic issue, both facial and body, through a correct diagnosis to know exactly the internal causes that are provoking it. This way, we are able to personalize an individual treatment and achieve the expected results.

To do that is important having many years of experience, researching and anatomical, biomechanical and physiological studies to offer the best diagnostic. This is our priority because without a good diagnostic it will not have a great result.


We defend non-invasive, but extremely effective, manual therapies. They have nothing to envy to any treatment with appliances, although we do not run away from them is they are not invasive ones.

Since its inception, Yvette Pons has been continuously searching for the best national and international manual therapies, not caring about going anywhere to bring the best of the best. Yvette herself has created her personal and registered methods of Sublime therapies, which are being implemented in beauty centers, since she is one of the teachers who instruct her manual techniques. One of his therapies, SULYFTH, was awarded with the first prize for the best anti-aging treatment at a national level.


When selecting our staff, we are very demanding. Our priority is the client, their comfort, meeting their expectations and the trust they placed in us. For this reason, to be part of the Yvette Pons team, we begin by choosing professionals who really love this profession, enjoy it and want to continue training and growing. All our staff is prepared to make a correct diagnosis, with physiology and anatomy knowledge.

Our estheticians are respectful, attentive, discreet and professional. We are an institute where manual techniques prevail, so we choose therapists with an innate precision in their hands, touch, pressure, depth, intuition and good energy. In the hands of any lady in our team, professionalism, efficient diagnosis, correct treatment and success in the result of any therapy are guaranteed.


Yvette Pons, with over 30 years of experience, has always been faithful to her desire to ensure that her passion and vocation for this profession was to beautify people, respecting their nature and treating any of their alterations, prioritizing their physical and emotional health.

Our main priority is honesty and consistency when it comes to suggesting and using our techniques in front of any imbalance or disagreement that the client may explain. For this reason, we prefer to say “no” in time and explain exactly how far the results of these treatments can go, and the clients can understand that, unfortunately, this is a sector where many miracles are sold and reality, sometimes, does not correspond to the idea on the client’s brain.

“I will always continue to defend my principles and respect this very beautiful profession, of which we still have so many mysteries to discover!”


We are very demanding when it comes to working with cosmetics that come into direct contact with the skin, for this reason we do not work with any laboratory. We exclusive work with Biologique Recherche, Sublime Oils and the YP Line (our brand).

Cosmetics must meet certain indisputable requirements to be accepted at our institute. One of them is that they must be natural, organic, biological and free of parabens. Another totally undoubted requirement is that its active ingredients must be of excellent quality and with a high percentage in the concentration of its active ingredients, as well as that its molecular weight or its penetration technique have to be correct enough for it to penetrate to the layers of the skin where we need to address their imbalances.

We love acting as little “alchemists” and being able to create our mix or personalize all the cosmetics in function of the needs of each person, as much in cabin treatments as the domiciliary ones.


We are committed to sustainable development and respect for the environment. We try to use organic products and materials that do not compromise the resources and development of future generations.


One of the qualities that describes us is discretion. The selection of our staff is extremely thorough, both in seriousness, prudence and tact, as well as in professionalism. We respect the identity, discretion and privacy of our clients, as well as their silence, disconnection and relaxation during therapies.


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